Final Countdown

Today it is officially ten days until I leave for my adventures in Europe! Since about last week I have been thinking constantly of things I need to do, what I need to pack, and where I should go with my dad for our trip.

When my dad made the official travel plans, all he decided was that we are flying out on the 24th and going to Munich first. From there, it is up to me. While this freedom is very generous and an amazing opportunity, I don’t think my dad realized how far Munich is from Seville, not to mention that there is an endless number of things that I would love to do between those two cities.

So, in the last few weeks I have been reading travel books cover-to-cover, researching travelers’ tips online, looking at rail routes, and trying to figure out how we would get from Munich to Seville and what we would do on the way. I am now overloaded with travel information and Rick Steves’ tips, but I think we finally have a plan!

Originally I thought that from Munich we would go to Austria, but that is in the opposite direction of our ultimate destination–Seville. In order to make progress west, we are now heading from Munich to the Berner Oberland region in Switzerland, near Interlaken.

I am so excited for our plans around Interlaken! A friend took a hiking tour of this area last year and loved it, so we are going to copy her itinerary and hike from village to village while observing Switzerland’s amazing scenery and natural wonders. We will spend between 3-4 days hiking in that region before heading to our next destination: Collioure, France.

Collioure is a seaside village about 15 miles from the Spanish border. Although it’s sights are less than abundant, this city is the perfect distance to break up the trip to Seville, and I think it will be nice to relax on the coast after hiking and before the train ride to our final stop.

After 2 or 3 nights we will finally make the last leg of the journey to Seville and my Dad and I will spend time there together before he leaves for Madrid to fly home and before I have orientation for my program.

I am so relieved to have our plans set in stone (for the most part)! Now I just have to wait for the 24th to get here..and pack.


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