The Adventure Begins: Munich

Although packing my things and saying goodbye for a whole four months was very hard—particularly saying bye to aunt bee—I am very excited to have begun my journey. At 7 am Thursday morning (midnight Wednesday in Texas), my dad and I finally landed in Munich!

I’m not sure what the best strategy is for dealing with jet lag, but we went with the power-through-the-exhaustion route. So, after checking in and dropping our bags off at the house where we are staying, my dad and I got straight to touring.

(the New Town Hall)
After a minor struggle figuring out the subway station, we made it to Marienplatz, which is a main plaza in Munich. There we saw the New Town Hall, which was constructed after the old one was destroyed in WWII, and climbed it’s tower for a bird’s eye view of the city. The New Town Hall is also famous for its glockenspiel, and we luckily arrived close to the time of its daily joust. So we wandered around the plaza until the show started, and then we enjoyed its recreation of a 16th century wedding.

Then we continued around town, hitting various sites. We saw Hoffbrauhaus, a famous beer garden, Allois Dellamyr, a really cool delicatessen known for its exotic foods, and I even got my picture with a German in lederhosen!
(German, Lederhosen)

Our main stop of the day was the Residenz, the palace of the Wittlesbach’s family, which ruled in Bavaria for about 700 years. Among the rooms I toured, I really liked the Shell Grotto and the antiquarium. The Shell Grotto was destroyed during WWII, but Bavarians donated shells (since they didn’t have money) to remake the grotto according to the original photos.

(shell grotto)

The hall of the antiquariam reminded me a lot of the hallways in the Louvre. In each window recess there were a number of statues of emperors’ busts, and, above the statues, murals of Bavarian villages as they looked in 1550


Following our visit to the Residenz, my dad and I had a delicious lunch at a nearby biergarten, but after that we couldn’t last any longer, so we went back to our hotel and surrendered to the exhaustion (I slept 13 hours!).

*Update: Once we made it back to our room, I realized I had missed one of the main things I wanted to see: Cuvillies Theater. Luckily, I managed to get back over to the Residenz and see the lavish performance hall.


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