Munich in Review

During my first few days in the city, I was kind of making a list of all the reasons why I know I don’t want to live here (what a horrible way to look at things, yet that’s what I did):

-the perpetual cloud of cigarette smoke over the city

-they eat too much red meat

-the language isn’t pretty

-they put people in concentration camps

And I was grumpy about where we were staying (can I plead jet lag?)

-My bed is probably a little under 6 feet long, and with wooden edges, giving me JUST enough space to sleep with the top of my head and toes touching either end.

-no air conditioning

-too many rules (we have to take our shoes off before coming in and put them on a mat, we can only carry one piece of luggage up the stairs at a time, and….

apparently there is no peeing while standing. This rule doesn’t affect me personally, but it’s just the principle of it!)

Luckily I stopped being such a grouch and acting like my way is THE right and only way, and I actually really, really like Munich and enjoyed my time here. (So, just for clarification, I don’t actually think all those negative things about Munich/Germans/the German language!)

Here are some highlights:

1. At the end of the castle tour, our guide was explaining that there were two options for getting down: a steep walk down to a gorge (more scenic but longer and harder) or walking down the way we came. I wanted to go down to see the scenery, while my dad didn’t think twice and started down the quicker, easier path saying,”I’ll be at the bottom with a beer, see you when you get there.”

An Argentinian couple was having a hard time understanding and kind of mumbling in Spanish, so I went ahead and explained to them in Spanish what the tour guide had said, and we ended up going down the mountain together and talking the whole way. Although they called me “Pamela Anderson” at first, I really had so much fun talking to them, plus it was good practice speaking Spanish!

2. While having dinner at a biergarten, an older man and a guy somewhere around my age or older sat down at the empty seats at our table. My dad of course started an awkward conversation that I was ready to let die off, but the guy actually kept the conversation up.

Anytime I am at a restaurant ordering or asking a question at the rail station, I pull our my German phrase book and try to put together a sentence. Unfortunately I was not at all able to pick up German, and my dad started cutting me off and saying my orders in English before I could even try (I guess I was embarrassing).

Anyways, when I talked to the guy at our table, he actually tried to help me pronounce German phrases and teach me things to say! It was very fun (and probably funny for him) learning how to pronounce the words and sayings!

3. Today my dad and I rented bikes and did a big loop around the city (about 26 kilometers!). The weather was perfect, and it was so nice to not do anything but just enjoy the city and the scenery. Also, Munich is VERY biker/walker friendly which I love and the city has so many beautiful areas.

I didn’t take many pictures because I just wanted to enjoy the bike ride and there would’ve been too many things to photograph anyways, but here are a few that I did get.

So, bright and early tomorrow morning my dad and I will be getting on a train and heading to Switzerland! I am so excited to hike and see the beautiful landscape. I feel like I’ve been doing a fair job keeping my blog up to date, but, disclaimer: I may not post for a few days! However, I will try to make a few notes of what I do so I won’t forget the details!


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