Sevilla (I’m still alive)

So much time has passed since my last post. (In my defense, I gave you fair warning that this might happen) I keep thinking about how I need to catch up with everyone at home, but whenever I sit down to send a message the task seems too daunting because there is so much to tell!

(door to University of Sevilla–it used to be a Tobacco factory)

As of today I have officially been in Seville for a week. It is so weird saying that because it seems like I have already been here for months. The first week was orientation and we had activities and meetings with our program all day long. Then, at night, our group would go out to a restaurant to tapear and sit around and talk. Everyone in my group is really nice and we all bonded pretty quickly (I guess that happens when you are alone in a foreign country together!)

(friends from my group)
We moved in with our host families Thursday. My family is a young couple (28 years old) with a two year old baby. At first I was kind of concerned about being with a family so young, particularly one with a young baby, but they are really nice and now I am very happy with the way things turned out.

(park in my neighborhood)

Also, the people in our program live in the center of historic Seville, which is easily the coolest neighborhood; in fact, I have one of the best locations in the best neighborhood!

Here the schedule is verrrrry different from mine at home.In Seville, breakfast is typically very small (if eaten at all), lunch isn’t until 230 at the earliest, and dinner is typically between 930-11!

(one of the tiny streets in my neighborhood)


My host mom cooks lunch and dinner for me (for breakfast I make a piece of toast) and so far I love all of the food! Each meal we sit down together and we have multiple plates (salad, vegetables, bread, and the main meal) and everything tastes delicious.

(Real alcazar’s gardens)

It definitely has taken some adjusting, but I think I am finally used to doing things later in the day and not expecting to be home before 1 or 2 in the morning.

(la plaza de Espana)

During orientation we became pretty good friends with some of our guides–Sevillanos around our age who helped show us around the city–and last Thursday our guide Pablo invited us to the Discoteca with his friends.

(Plaza de Espana–the one pictured in my blog title)

Going to the Discoteca means it is going to be an extra late night (I got back at 6 in the morning!), but it is so much fun because they play fun music and everyone dances.

(my new spanish friends)

Now I spend a lot of my time hanging out with Pablo’s group of friends. I love hanging out with them because not only are they really funny and nice, but they only let us speak in Spanish when we are with them, so I am getting a ton of practice. For whatever reason, it seems like they like hanging out with us too.

(tile mosaics of each city in Spain)

In particular, they love teaching us Spanish phrases and explaining what they mean. I have a little notebook that I write all of the new phrases and words in so I can remember what to say when I want to use them. Although when I want to use them I have to say “Un momento..” and then look up the word or phrase, it still is exciting!

(another view in the plaza)

Today we started our intensive session which is a class our program is taking for the next to prepare for the classes at the University. After that, I will register and then start classes at the University of Seville with all of the other students!


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