Week 3: Night Stroll

While I procrastinate doing all of my homework for my Spanish class (more on that later) I thought I would be somewhat productive and give an update. Now that I sit here and review the week, I am actually realizing it was kind of a let down from what I had planned, but I guess it can’t ever be too bad since I’m in Spain!

(Guadalquivir River)

This week was the last week of our intensive session, and I spent most of the week just going to class and taking things easy. Of course class was not included in the taking it easy. Every day we have a 3 hour class where we spend about 1.5 hours actually doing the lecture for the day and the other 1.5 hours taking a tour of the city.

In theory, it sounds like spending part of class time touring would be amazing, and I was glad to not have a 3 hour lecture, but the tours were more work than it was enjoyable. Throughout the walk we had to take notes on all the historical information–the boring, not very enlightening kind–and we had to haul it around the city in the middle of the heat and sun, directed by our teacher who was kind of not nice.

(La Catedral at night)

This week, after walking all over the city for an hour and a half, it was 7 and I was waiting for him to dismiss us. Instead, he stopped and declared that class would go late(this has occurred more than once). At this point I was pretty pissed because we had already walked miles, our class already is long (3 hours long), I had plans in an hour, and I was kidnapped! Not to mention, after he did release us, we still had a 30 minute walk back to our houses.

(El Guadalquivir and Calle Betis)

Also, as I speak I am putting off writing the 7 page paper and 9 journal entries I have due on Tuesday. Which brings me to my next grudge with my teacher; this class is only a two week long class, yet in that time he assigned 2 tests, a 7 page paper and the 9 journal entries!

So, if it isn’t clear, I am not my history teacher’s biggest fan; but that is enough complaining from me! I am living and studying in Spain, how bad can it be??

(La Plaza de Espana)

On Thursday night I was supposed to go to with some of my guy friends to watch Betis–one of Seville’s two premier soccer teams–play, but an emergency came up and I had to stay in. I was pretty bummed to miss out because Betis actually won the game which made them number one in the league! Fortunately, my guy friends have already promised to take me to the next game.

So, since I was missing the soccer game, I decided to “dar una vuelta” around the city and take some pictures in the nighttime. It was so relaxing to get out and take a leisurely walk around the city and get to be a little more touristy than usual. Also, I figured out a new trick on my camera to adjust the shutter speed and the light intake for night pictures, which is sooo exciting!

Friday night some girlfriends and I decided to go to la feria de las naciones which is a big festival where each country has a booth selling food/goods representative of its homeland. After walking around there we decided to go for Tapas at a restaurant we had gone to during orientation week, then, after enjoying amazing food, we walked around and called it an early night.

Saturday I woke up early and went with another group of girls to some fresh food markets, one named “La puerte de Carne” which means the meat door. We each bought a cherimoya, which is a green fruit from south America that you split in half with your bear hands and then scoop out the insides. Mark Twain apparently said it was the best fruit known to man, but I found it to be too sweet, almost like cotton candy.

(Meat Door food market)

After going to the markets we shopped around for a while before parting ways. We all met up again that night for some party on a boat that one of our friend’s host brothers sold us all tickets for. The party was described as a super fun boat trip with hundreds of people, but that turned out to be a fairly generous description.

(Why it is called meat door food market)

Today I have been working on catching up on my homework and reading travel stuff to plan trips. So far I have a pretty extensive list of places I would like to go, and one trip planned! Two weekends from now a few friends and I are going to Lagos, Portugal, which is a beautiful beach town, so I am really excited.

This week I finally start classes at the university, so I am really excited and nervous to see how it goes!


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