Sevilla: The Little Things

I feel like my last post has a little bit of a grumpy, unappreciative tone to it, so I thought I would write another post giving some more details about my life in Spain. First, in my defense, I would like to say that the 7 page paper I have had to write is 1.5 spaced, so it is actually 9 pages double spaced! Also, I had to write it right when our classes started and it has been horribly stressful trying to organize my schedule, find classes, and figure out how everything works here (I thought the University of Texas was a bureaucratic mess, but you have no idea!).

(Plaza I stumbled upon while walking around)

Anyways, I just wanted to tell everyone how much I love Spain and how excited I am to be here (can’t you tell!?), so I am going to tell some of the random experiences and little things I have learned because I think the little details are some of the best ways of describing my experiences.

(La Giralda tower)

1. Mullets are still considered hair styles here. Furthermore, it has been upgraded to dreadlocks/rat tail/died in the back. All are winning combinations.

2. Everything here is delicious. The other day I had a sandwich with just turkey, cheese, and bread, and it was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

(Stain glass window in La Catedral)

3. Also, I have learned to stop asking about what I’m eating. First of all it is always described with words that I don’t know, and second of all I think I don’t want to know. It all tastes good, so as far as I’m concerned, ignorance is bliss!

(Gold Altar in la Catedral)

4. The baby in my homestay LOVES legs. He will run into my room and just wrap himself around my legs or climb onto my bed and sprawl across them. His mom says that’s why she doesn’t think he will be gay.

5. If you click on the photos on my blog, they get bigger!

6. I am getting credit towards my major for taking a Culture & Cuisine class. Some of the activities we apparently will do include trying wines, sampling the different types of ham and olive oil, and EATING SWEETS. Such a hard life.

(Giralda Tower at night)

7. Never using a cell phone is amazing! I was always a reluctant participant in the smartphone/texting trend, but since it is too expensive to use phones here I don’t have to worry. I currently have a tiny black phone comparable to my very first cell phone in 6th grade, and I only have to charge it once every week–take that iphone!

8. Apparently it is normal here for the teacher not to show up for the first few days of class. Fun, unless you have to see if you can understand them when they speak!

9. Every Sunday we eat lunch with my woman’s family (I don’t know what to call her since I feel like she is too young to say Senora, so I say my woman) and I love it! The food is always so good, and it is nice hanging out with a big family. Plus they have another girl staying with them so it is like I have a home stay cousin.

(Supposedly Christopher Columbus’ remains, or at least some of them)

10. Also, I am now friends with every person that works in my favorite ice cream shop. Even when I am walking by just to get to class they wave. Should I be concerned?

Those are some of the day-to-day things that have been going on in Seville! Did you notice what proportion of my comments are food related?

I think I almost have my schedule set, so I am really excited to finally be on the other side of this and have a normal schedule and be a real student! Now I can start planning trips, spend more time getting to know the little details of the city, and really immerse myself in the language with my classes.


One thought on “Sevilla: The Little Things

  1. I am so there with you on the cell phone thing! I love not having to worry about text messages or phone calls, that is until I miss my parent's phone call. But it is going to be so bad for me when I go back to the States because I was already bad at texting to begin with. Oh well, the simple life is a great one. Can't wait to potentially see you in Munich for CHRISTMAS FUN!!!

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