Week 8

This week was so great because everyone from my program stayed in Sevilla and there wasn’t much going on so I wandered around town, did some things on my bucket list, and hung out with my friends!

At the beginning of the week my friend Sarah and I finally sat down and made our big travel plans. We don’t want to leave Sevilla too often, so we just made plans for one weekend trip to Roma and one big trip during a week where we have some vacation time.

For our big trip we have the first 10 days of December to travel so Sarah and I are going to Prague, Salzburg, and Munich to see the Christmas markets (…and other things too). I could not be more excited for our trips, and I already have ordered my Rick Steve’s guides so I can start reading up.

The next major event this week was registering for my classes for next semester. Many already know that I decided after coming to Sevilla that I wanted to stay in Spain for the next semester. I was accepted to be an exchange student in Madrid and I also talked to my current program director and found out that I could stay in Sevilla for the next semester, which is what I decided to do.

Long story short, I realized that my decision was made in haste and that it really isn’t prudent of me to stay here; I can’t get anymore credits while in Sevilla, the school system isn’t ideal, I can’t declare my second major until attending an information session–typical inconvenient bureaucracy–and I wouldn’t be able to have a summer job/internship because the semester would end in July. Finally, and most importantly, Aunt Bee (my dog) is getting older and I can’t stand to be apart any longer!

(Who could stand to be away from Bee Bug!?)

Anyways, I am sad that I won’t have more time in Spain, but I am positive that this is the best decision for me.

Now that I am going back to UT for the spring, I had to pick out my classes and register this week. Before registering I started to get SUPER excited about coming back and all the classes I am going to take because I had forgotten about how interesting the classes at UT are, and la Universidad de Sevilla has less than stimulating courses, so I am extra ready to learn and study cool things again.

Unfortunately my excitement was quickly tempered when, for various problems, I was only able to register for 1 of the 5 classes I had originally picked out. Not being able to register for two Spanish classes was particularly frustrating because it said that I didn’t have the prerequisites for the courses, but they are the only two courses I have left in the major.

Luckily I reached back to my experience last semester when I was dropped from all of my classes after not checking a box online to confirm my attendance, and thought that is all would work out. In fact, after harassing two advisors, a department director, and the undergraduate studies department, that is exactly what happened (since living in Spain I have lost all delicacy in situations like this).

(Market in Triana)

Since realizing how numbered my days are, I have been re energized to complete all the things on my Sevilla bucket list and to really enjoy the city and the people while I still can. This week my girlfriends and I took advantage of the slow weekend to walk around the city and knock some things off our lists. First, on Friday, we went to a fresh food market in Triana then wandered around the area and had some amazing Churros.

(Spices in the market in Triana)

Saturday one my friends had a group of girls over to bake cookies because her family was out of town. Although Sevilla has amazing ice cream, churros, pastries, and pretty much everything, they do not have chocolate chip cookies! All of us had been talking about how much we had been craving the cookies, so we were really excited that we finally were getting to make some! Collecting ingredients was tricky; we were unable to find chocolate chips, so we settled on breaking up chocolate bars, vanilla wasn’t to be seen anywhere, and the brown sugar was a little questionable.

(Me, Sarah, Kathryn–picture stolen from Kathryn!)

These minor obstacles were not going to deter us from eating cookies! We all met up at our friend’s apartment, overly excited and giddy, and continued improvising after we were unable to find any sort of measuring instrument. Finally we reached an impossible hurdle: the oven wouldn’t turn on. We searched everywhere for a cord or a switch or something that could be responsible without luck, but our desperation for cookies persevered when we resigned ourselves to microwaving and cooking the cookies in the skillet.

(Baking attempt–Picture stolen from Kathryn)

Although the baking experience was a fail overall–the skillet cookies were decent–it was one of my favorite moments so far in Sevilla. I had so much fun with all of my girl friends and we literally were dying laughing the whole night.

(Art Market)

The next day we all met up again to go to an art market that takes place every Sunday in the plaza of the Museo de las Bellas Artas (another thing off of my bucket list!). After admiring some paintings we continued wandering the streets and finding some cool small stores. The week overall wasn’t eventful or particularly exciting, but I wouldn’t have asked for anything different (except maybe a functioning oven)!

(Art Market)

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