Week 10

This week has been the most uneventful of uneventful weeks (yes, my week ends on Thursday because I don’t have class Friday), but I am SO excited and happy so I wanted to share.

First of all, the week was off to a great start after my hour long food conversation with my woman (the lady whose house I live in). Then, Monday I woke up to go to class, which I have from 10-12 and 1-3, so I miss lunch and usually have a bocadillo (sandwich) when I get home. This Monday I went into the kitchen and I found a note from my woman saying she was sad that I would be eating bocadillos four days in a row (I had a bocadillo for my trip to Cordoba and my hiking day), so she was going to leave a plate of lunch for me and I could heat it up once I got home.

I probably sound a little silly right now, but this literally made me so happy I could have cried! Me being that emotional isn’t terribly monumental considering have cried during a Mastercard commercial before, but still, the fact that she cared was just the greatest feeling ever.

As I have mentioned a …few times, the school system here is pretty confusing and terrifying and and overwhelming. All of my University classes have one grade–the final exam–and, rather than having a textbook and a syllabus that lines out what is expected of us, we are just given a list of about 50 sources with some parts that pertain to our class. Considering I am very schedule dependent, like structure, and I prefer not to fail my classes, this situation isn’t ideal.

Anyways, I have started getting so nervous about my grades so I finally sucked it up and asked for a tutor for my Art History class, and it was the best decision ever! I met with my tutor on Tuesday and he is a guy who took the exact same class in 1998. We started going over the notes and we literally had sentences copied down word for word, and the syllabus hasn’t changed, so he can help me narrow down the huge amount of information I am getting and see what is actually important.

I guess being excited about getting a tutor is kind of lame and nerdy, but I am nerdy and, since I am feeling so lost in school, this is literally what makes me happy these days! Also, this tutor success inspired me to ask for a tutor in Psychology too, so I am pretty excited about that too.

On Wednesday my psychology “medium” lab group met. Our medium group is half of our class and then we split up into smaller groups within our medium group. At first I was really embarrassed and felt bad because I feel like I am essentially the plague that no group wants, but one group told me to join them. Then, when I got in the group one guy said to me how I was an asset to the group because the teacher likes me and always talks about me (usually making some joke to the class about how if they are lost I am even more lost and confused).

So I was feeling pretty awesome that not only did they not not want me in their group, but they thought I was a useful addition! Then things got even better when we had to grade this psychological evaluation and there were some math parts and I was able to actually help and do them; in fact, they were impressed by my mental math skills! This is not to say I am particularly exceptional at math, but apparently European students don’t study math to the extent that American students do.

Next, in my small group lab today my teacher called me out and asked a question and I knew the answer! This would be a minor victory at best in a normal situation, but here I will take whatever I can get, and I really couldn’t have been more proud.

Finally, my week of awesomness was topped off tonight when I was sitting at the dinner table studying. I had told my woman a few weeks ago that I wanted to get her recipes for some of the things she makes me, including this awesome pizza she makes, but she apparently doesn’t use specific measures but just eyeballs the ingredients. Anyways, as I mentioned in my last post she said I could watch her cook it this Friday, so tonight she came in and said “Cate, remember, be here at twelve so we can cook the pizza!”.

I guess I already knew that this was the plan, but I didn’t really know for sure, for sure that it was going to happen; it seemed too good to be true! Well, now that pizza making is set in stone, I am SO excited!

And that is how this has been the awesomnest week ever.

This post is a little unconventional because I don’t really have any photos from the week to post yet, but I couldn’t wait to talk about how excited I am! Plus, I have started to think that waiting to write a big post at the end of every week is hard because then I forget/have too much to say to share these little stories, but these are some of the best parts of my experience.

So, in the future (this little over a month that I have left–ahhh!), I will try to share more of these experiences.


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