Week 11

After my trip to Granada last weekend I started thinking about how my time here is winding down and how I will be back in Texas before I know it. I can not believe how time has flown here, and rather than focusing extra on enjoying the time I have left, I have been preemptively missing Seville and my friends–that makes so much more sense, right?

Besides missing the city I am in and the people I am around, I spent most of my time working on school stuff and meeting with my tutors. The week was cut short again because of a student strike on Thursday to protest the tuition increase (it is hard to sympathize when they spend a few hundred euros a year), so I had another 4 day weekend.

(Me and Katie wearing our new Sevilla scarves at the Sevilla stadium)

Thursday I went to a cooking class my program offered, and I was really excited because, not only do I love to cook and want to learn Spanish recipes, but it is another thing to check off of my Sevilla bucket list! The class was hosted by one of the Senoras who houses a girl in our program and there were about 10 of us there to learn how to cook a Empanada Gallega.

(Liz, Sheila, Me, and Katie in the Sevilla stadium)

Once the cooking process started I ended up being very disappointed because the woman just pouring ingredients that she already had out into some super-mixer while we all crammed in the narrow kitchen and watched. Before the class I had imagined all of us participating in making a small portion of some sort of meal, but that did not happen at all; in fact, she didn’t tell us ingredient amounts or anything. Luckily I asked the Senor of the house if they were going to pass out the recipe, which they weren’t, but he ended up e-mailing me a copy of the recipe along with about 5 other Spanish recipes!

Although I am very happy that I got a copy of all the recipes and ate really good food, I don’t feel justified in checking off “cooking class” on my bucket list, so hopefully I will get to try again!

(Sevilla’s stadium)

After my cooking class I was walking home and I ended up passing the student strike, which was surprisingly impressive and inspiring! Traffic was diverted from one of the main roads in Seville as hundreds of students marched and protested the tuition increase. Seeing their activism and refusal to accept the raise really impressed me. UT raised tuition and I didn’t hear of any protests or student demonstrations; personally, I just read the e-mail notifying us about the increase, thought how it was dumb, and then deleted it.

(Sevilla vs Bilbao)

At the beginning of the year the woman had stopped me in the stairs in our apartment and asked me if I was American and if I wanted to hang out some time to practice speaking English/Spanish. We exchanged e-mails, but I never really heard anything from her and I thought she just forgot until the other day when she e-mailed me and asked to hang out, so on Saturday we met up after lunch to o to a cafe and chat.

I didn’t really know what to expect, but our chat actually ended up being fun and a really good opportunity to practice speaking Spanish. We decided to spend the first hour speaking in Spanish and the second in English (I definitely had not imagined we would hang out for that long). After the first hour or so a group of drunk guys wandered into the cafe and started yelling so loudly that we couldn’t hear each other so we left and headed to a Teteria (Moroccan style tea bar) down the road. At the second location we ended up chatting for 2 more hours(at this point I could barely focus and keep up a conversation) and then made plans for another date and headed home.

After that I walked to my friend’s apartment because her senora was out of town, so all my girlfriends and I went over to cook and eat dinner together. After dinner we headed to another friend’s apartment because her Senora was out of town too and she wanted to show us where she was living. The apartment was decorated really….different; it appeared that they had been trying to reproduce the Simpson’s house, literally.

(Simpsons living room)

On Sunday a few friends and I went to a professional soccer game between Sevilla and Bilbao (I finally got to check something off my bucket list!). When we got the tickets we bought the cheapest ones and then trusted the ticket guy when he told us one section was better than another. At the stadium we were pleasantly surprised to see that the nosebleed section here isn’t as bad as at the football stadiums in the US, so we actually had a decent view. Unfortunately, it seems that the ticket man led us astray; our seats ended up being directly in front of the section of Bilbao fans!

Everyone in Spain is verrrrry passionate about their soccer team, so my main concern with our seating arrangement was that the trash talking coming from the Bilbao fans was going to lead us to get caught in crossfire–literally–or knifed (they don’t have security going into the stadiums, so this really is a feasible possibility). In the end, Sevilla lost, but I got to check the soccer game off my bucket list and my friends and I made it out unharmed, so all in all it was a successful night.


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