Happy Thanksgiving from Spain!

Today I finally got the package my dad mailed to me a few weeks ago with the baking goods for my woman. It looked like it went through hell to get here, but I am so excited it finally arrived! I have been extremely eager to give the baking ingredients to my woman, but she wasn’t here when the package came, so I had to wait a few hours more! Once she got home I went in and gave her all the ingredients (3 bags of chocolate chips, cream of tartar, and food coloring), and my woman was sooooo excited! After she hugged me over and over again, I went back to my room and from there I could hear her saying “yipee” and telling her husband about all the things she is going to make.

I couldn’t stop smiling when I heard how happy she was! Best feeling ever.

Along with the baking goods my dad also packed 3 giant sized bags of pirates booty and I am spending my Thanksgiving Day in Spain munching on a bag and listening to Charlie Brown Christmas Music.

(Me and the Pirates Booty–Charlie Brown on in the background)

This sounds kind of pitiful, but don’t cry for me!Although I am bummed I am missing this…

(Aunt Janet, my dad, me, Andrew, Bob –Thanksgiving 2010)

And that I won’t be there to eat this…

(Thanksgiving 2010)

And especially bummed that I won’t be warming my butt like this…

(Me and Aunt Bee–Thanksgiving 2010)

My program organized a Thanksgiving dinner for all the people in my group! So I am about to go meet up with a bunch of my girl friends to walk over to the restaurant and have a Spanish Thanksgiving feast. Rumor has it we will be eating chicken, hopefully with a pie of some sort involved, but I am very thankful to get to spend Thanksgiving with a great group of people who I am sharing an amazing experience with!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone at home! Eat extra dessert for me!


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