Week 13

Sarah and I are starting part II of our journey, and since I am traveling on the comfortable and spacious Hogwarts Express headed to Munich (more on this later) with time to kill (I would do anything before studying for my finals) I decided to give y’all an update.

The day before leaving for my trip my day was packed with class, tutoring appointments, packing, and baking cookies with my woman! As I said before, I had my dad ship some baking ingredients that my woman had been wanting but they don’t have in Spain. When I gave my woman the ingredients she said she wanted to bake with me, but I gave them to her at the end of the week before heading to Madrid, and the next week I was leaving early for my Big Trip to Prague, Munich, and Salzburg, so we scheduled a time between my travels so that we could bake.

So, I searched some baking recipes with white chocolate chips online and after one of my tutoring sessions I ran home to bake with her. Unfortunately, finding the ingredients for the recipes we had picked out would require more time and searching, so we ended up going with a basic chocolate chip cookie recipe but substituting the normal chips for white chocolate ones.

Baking cookies, besides Aunt Bee, is one of the things I have missed most since being in Spain. Spain has amazing ice cream, and a number of great pastries, but for whatever strange, crazy reason they don’t do cookies. My girlfriends and I have even tried baking cookies to fill the void, but our attempts failed and resulted in desperate strange creations like cookies in a skillet or microwaved cookies. I don’t recommend either.

Finally getting to bake cookies and do them correctly was sooooo exciting, plus I loved bonding with my woman! Since they don’t do cookies in Spain, she didn’t have any idea how to bake them–whaaa!?–so she relied on my cookie expertise. In all honesty, I’m sure she would have been fine without me and just following the recipe, but I really did come in handy when it came to spooning out the cookies (she was making giant balls close together that probably would’ve resulted in a cookie cake) and I told her when the cookies were done–so I really was helpful!

I have never made cookies with white chocolate chips before, so I didn’t really know what to expect. Obviously any cookie would’ve be good, but I can’t even begin to explain the amazing smell that filled the kitchen while baking these cookies. As my woman’s mom says, “que bien huele, mejor sabe” (what smells good tastes better), and these cookies were AMAZING!

(Cookies in Spain!)

While I have to keep in mind the cookie withdrawal I have gone through and how my standards might be low (or non-existent), I still think these might be some tough competition for the classic chocolate chip. After baking I ran around Sevilla doing some more “tareas,” including shipping a box of stuff home. When I went to Morocco I ended up buying two giant plates and two oriental rugs (the exact rug. two of them…not my best choice). Anyways, as my time abroad is coming to a close I have been thinking about packing my stuff and I just had no idea what I was going to do with these plates and rugs, so I decided to ship them rather than carry them through the airport (especially since I already have my tennis racket that I dragged across 3 countries to not use).

Obviously shipping something, like everything else in Spain, is not easy. First off, they don’t sell boxes at the mail place, or anywhere, so I just used the box that my dad sent the baking goods in. Secondly, there is no sign for the Correo, you have to know where the building is and walk in before you see anything about mail. I ended up wandering around with my 15-pound-box for 30 minutes before my woman found me lost on the street and directed me to the post office.


Once I got there the person who works there told me my box was “bad,” so I had to buy wrapping paper and cover the box up. I will say the box looked like it had been through a lot, but the funny thing is that it looked like that after going through the Spanish mail system. After wrapping my box and measuring it and writing out a detailed description of everything I was shipping, I finally was able to send it on its way home. Hopefully the plates survive, but I am a little concerned since things that come through the mail look like they were kicked the whole way here.


After my night class I packed up my stuff for my trip and then headed out again because my friends and I wanted to have a ceremonial last ice cream trip to Rayas, one of our favorite places, since they close in the winter and we didn’t know if they would be open when we all got back form our trips.


When I was walking out my woman said goodbye because she would be in bed before I got back and she gave me a little lecture about being safe and keeping my passport and money with me. I asked her if she wanted anything from Germany or Prague or Austria and she said just that I come home safely—Ahhh! After she said that and gave me the concerned safety lecture I didn’t even want to go anymore; I just wanted to cancel all my travel plans and stay in Seville forever!


Anyways, I didn’t actually do that. After a horribly early morning to catch our flight, Sarah and I made it to Prague! I am writing down little updates each day so that once I have time to type it all up I will remember we have been up to.


Unfortunately I forgot my camera cord to transfer my pics, so the updates I do while I am on the trip aren’t going to have any photos, but don’t fret! I will update the posts and add the TONS of pictures I am taking first thing when I get back.

I would just type up all of these posts when I get back, but I think I will be too panicked with finals to find the time. I also would start complaining about all the work I have to do and how horrible these finals are going to be, but that would require me to acknowledge their existence, and while on this trip I am attempting to pretend I am just on vacation and tests and school don’t exist. Plus, I don’t think I am emotionally prepared to confront all of the work I have to do; yes, it is that bad.


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