Be back soon…hopefully

Vacation has ended and now I am back to harsh reality in Sevilla. Coming back into Sevilla did give me a slight feeling of homecoming, but that quickly turned to dread and misery when I remembered all the work and pain ahead of me. Finals are turning out to be more horrible and difficult than I had imagined (I didn’t think that was possible), so I will have to take a brief hiatus from the blog.

I have all the notes written out for my trip, so the rest of my adventures will be posted soon, along with all the pictures I took…that is, if I survive this next week. I also will write about the school system here and explain why these finals are so terrible that I am incapable of updating y’all for the next few weeks. Included in this upcoming post will be all of my complaints–get excited! These I won’t need to write down because I am taking mental notes, and I won’t forget who/what is on my list!!

Actually, It is probably better I wait until after finals so that way my complaints will be fully comprehensive– I would hate to leave anything out!

Finally, as it is now 1am here in Sevilla, it is officially 10 days until I head back into the United States. Currently I feel like that day couldn’t get here soon enough, and I am not sure if my feelings will change before I leave–and after my finals, obviously–or if it will have to wait until the finals are further back into my past before I can look back onto Sevilla with fondness (ok, I am being a little extreme here, but only slightly!).

*You know what is even more frustrating? Here I am trying to gripe and as I write I keep thinking of the words I want to say in Spanish, and then I am unable to remember how to say them in English. (Yes I am complaining about complaining now. Low point)

I am sorry for being such a grump and for letting out my frustration out on this post. Part of the fun of reading things is when you read something happy/exciting and then you take on that emotion and feel happy or excited, so I am extremely sorry if you have read this story and thus taken on my scroogeness.

In case this has happened, I will end this post with a lighter, happier story. My dad had a Texas jersey rounded up and sent to me here so that I could give it to my woman’s baby. Look at how cute this little Spanish Longhorn is (also, don’t let the apparent peacefulness fool you: he is snoring like a full grown man when this picture is being taken)!


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