Things have been looking down and I am blogging and complaining and studying, but then next thing I know, my week is completely turned around!

No, I am not talking about school. That is not turning around, unfortunately.

But what I am talking about is even BETTER!

I was talking to my woman the other day when she was looking at recipe books and I asked her if there is one she recommends or uses a lot.

She told me about a book–“1080 Recetas de Cocina”–that she says everyone uses and it has tons of editions, so I was super excited to order it when I get home and cook all the Spanish recipes.

I have been sitting at the kitchen table studying while my woman and the family went to the park, and when she came back she handed me “an early christmas present”: The recipe book!

She gave it to me about 30 minutes ago, but I still can’t stop smiling and I just keep looking at the book and admiring it. I am soooo excited to have these Spanish recipes to try out when I get home (and it will be a fun way to keep up with my Spanish), but I am most happy that she thought of me!

Words can not describe the contentment and happiness and excitement that I feel right now.

(Me and my new book!)
(And don’t worry, I didn’t dye my hair brown again…that is the light…and the dirtiness)

I suppose I should return to studying….after I read some recipes in my new book!


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