Worst Day Ever

I realize that “Worst Day Ever” is fairly hyperbolic, but at this point I have lost perspective and this truly feels like the worst day anyone has ever had in the whole entire world (not really, but still).

Today I had my psychology final, which is one of the finals I was worried most about because I had to cover 2/3 of the material on my own. Luckily it was a tipo test (multiple choice), so I figured if I went over everything medium-well, I would be able to recognize the answers and do alright.

When I got to the office to take the exam, it turned out to be an oral test–surprise! The first questions was “What is Evaluacion Psicologica?”(that is the title of the class). What does that even mean? Where was I supposed to begin?? Being able to draw completely from memory rather than looking at the various answer options is extremely different, and I was in no way prepared for this test. Also, one thing you can not do on an oral test is see a question you know ABSOLUTELY nothing about, guess some completely random answer, turn in the test and hope for the best. On oral tests you can’t take a shot in the dark and have the comfort of leaving the test before the teacher reads your nonsensical answer. Instead I just literally had to say “I don’t know” and look at him blankly, which was equally awkward and embarrassing.

I realize that the teacher was trying to be easy on me, and I passed, but I can not begin to express the amount of stress and humiliation it caused along the way, and we had already agreed I was taking a tipo test!

After that test I had a tutoring session and class in Historia y Ficcion, which is my last final and I am taking it tomorrow. During class I felt horribly sick and nauseous, but I figured it was just a symptom from all the stress and exhaustion, so I tried to calm myself down. The class is 2 hours long and by the last thirty minutes I was struggling to not run out and try to find a place to throw up or pass out.

Once we were finally let out of class I ran to the bathroom and tried to see if I would throw up, but I wasn’t successful, so I headed back home. Right when I walked downstairs to the main floor of the building I was overcome with the need to throw up and I ran to the first exit I found and threw up everywhere (sorry for the grossness of this post).

I started to think the throwing up was just part of the stress so I just walked it off (although crying–I always cry when I throw up haha) and headed home.

I still was convinced I had just done this to myself by getting so worked up, until I came home and threw up approximately 238 more times. So now I am here in bed, unable to sleep but exhausted, wearing essentially all the clothes I haven’t packed, sitting on a heating pad, body aching and cramping from the strain of throwing up so many times and then losing all of my fluids, and tomorrow I have my last final.

I am really bummed to be having such rotten luck and to get sick literally just days before I am supposed to leave. Plus, I want to get this final over with, but it looks like I will have to try to move it back because no studying is happening tonight.

On the other hand, my woman has been super sweet and trying to do whatever she can to help take care of me, and my friend Sarah came by and doctored me up a little, which I really really appreciate!


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