Ode to Aunt Bee

Last night I was freezing in my bed and I instinctively wanted to grab Aunt Bee, my little heater, and make her spoon me and warm me up, but all I could grab at were empty sheets. I have had Aunt Bee since I was in fourth grade and this semester is the longest time and furthest we have ever been apart.Getting through the semester and the cold nights without her hasn’t been easy, but I survived and now it is approximately 48 hours until we will be reunited! Since I was thinking about my Bee Buggy so much I decided that she deserved a post just to herself about all the reasons why I love her and how she and I are soul mates!
Aunt Bee is always ready for a road trip!


She’s there to help me pack…

and she only asks for belly rubs in exchange.

She gives me kisses for bathing her!

And she is a great bun/bed warmer in the winter.

Some might say that we have a bond so strong that we were destined to be together, as evident in the many characteristics Aunt Bee and I share.

For instance, we aren’t afraid to take fashion risks

We can be classy when the occasion calls…

We aren’t afraid to indulge!

And we both are delicate sleepers!

Oh Aunt Bee! I can’t wait to fall asleep to the gentle rumble of her man-like snore and with both of our head above the blankets and mouths open–what a pair we are!


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