Cate is..going to be in one place!

My new plan for an adventure is to stay in one place (after moving)! I know, this is revolutionary.

So, as many of you know, after graduation I immediately (I mean the day after my last final–yikes!) left to backpack in Southeast Asia. I had planned on doing a trip after graduation, and the idea to go to Southeast Asia came from a girl I met in my Human Sexuality class last fall.

Initially I was hesitant to consider the trip, partly because I had ideas of going to travel on the coast in Croatia and the Mediterranean, but also because it was a big deal commitment with someone I didn’t know so well (boy should I have listened to that instinct!).

Anyway, my desire to travel and see all of the world outweighed my hesitations and my friend and I booked our flight to SE Asia.

I imagine many of you already know that two weeks into what originally was supposed to be a 7 week trip–but was shortened to 6 weeks when my travel partner decided she wanted to get home for her boyfriend’s frisbee tournament?? Talk about red flag!–the girl I was traveling with and I parted ways. She went home after a short beach trip and I continued on.

By the time she left I was VERY ready for her to go and honestly I think that being on my own in such a foreign place was the exact growth experience I wanted and needed. All the same it’s safe to say that friendship is pretty much over.

But that’s not the point! The point is I had an incredible, challenging, exotic, great experience, but I also learned a lot about what kind of traveling I DON’T like (I didn’t think there could be such a thing!).

Prior to my trip to Southeast Asia I thought I could travel around the world, all over, indefinitely…so long as the money lasted. I still love traveling and I still want to see ALL THE THINGS (I like practical goals), but I learned that traveling just to travel for extended periods of time is not my favorite.

In the past when I was in Spain and in the Galapagos I was traveling, but I also had something I was doing–studying and teaching–and I had a home-base-away-from-home. Traveling while doing those things was SO much more rewarding for me because for one, I was able to get involved with the new community I was living with and really learn about the culture and the area. Also, each place I visited I appreciated just a little bit more because I wasn’t just constantly traveling. The trips I took around Europe and to other islands in the Galapagos were like mini-vacations and nice treats.

But this isn’t the point either! The point is, before my Southeast Asia trip (in fact, right up to the end) I had TONS of plans to travel for the foreseeable future. After Asia I was going to walk the Camino de Santiago in Spain, then bum around Europe visiting friends, and then come home before teaching abroad in Chile for a year.

But, once I got back from Asia, I was overcome with this desire to grow some roots, and preferably grow them in my own country! And I will admit a big portion of that impulse came from my reluctance to leave Aunt B (for the past year and a half I’ve lived in an apartment by myself with just Aunt B and, I didn’t think it could be possible, but we’ve become even more inseparable).

Y’all probably know that once I have a plan I’m a women on a mission, so once I decided I wanted to settle a little I immediately began planning to move. HA.

So that’s the other thing, I wanted to settle, but I also felt like trying something new and it felt like after 22 years, it was time for me to leave Austin and explore a new home.

So now, how did I pick Colorado? I don’t know.. A few months before graduation I told my dad that after all of my travel plans I intended to move to Colorado.. even though at the time I thought that would be up to two years down the road, and despite the fact I hadn’t really visited the areas I imagined I would live in.

I think the main draws of Colorado were the weather, the beautiful landscape, and the fact that I’d heard people were very active and interested in doing outdoor activities.

So once I decided I would be cooling my jets for now I made plans to come out and visit the areas I thought I’d want to be in–Boulder and Denver–and find a place to live.

And you know how this story ends because here I am on a new adventure in Boulder, Colorado!

I am hoping to use my blog again to keep my family and friends updated. Also, I am thinking that the need to post something will force me to go out and do things so I have something to write about!


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